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"You're busy, so we cater delicious food wherever you decide to be."

You lead a busy life. Whether it be diligently taking care of your family, being the essential glue that brings together your group of friends, or being the one who unshakably holds the line for your business, sometimes your taste buds get put on the lower-priority list. When your taste buds suffer, it seems like a large chunk of your life goes bland and the inspiration to keep the machine running fades. 

We get it, and we started Wiener Revolt Catering for busy people like you.

When you allow us to serve you, you get hassle-free, delicious food wherever you decide to be, because you deserve it!

Call or email us today and let us handle the food so you can keep on handling the important stuff.

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About Us

We cater hassle-free delicious food to busy people like you so you can focus on what matters most because you deserve it. 

Working in the private and public sectors for over a decade, it was made evident that anytime the question of food came up it seemed to always be an ordeal that took over the whole show. When catering companies should have been the solution to that food question they really became an added stress to the event planners, especially if the quality of food was on the higher-end. Conversely, if the quality of the food was not held high, unfortunately neither was the quality of service.

We believe that quality and service ought to go hand-in-hand and the catering service should be a compliment to you and your mission. 

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Catering Service Options

You're busy, so we cater delicious food wherever you decide to be


On Premise Catering

Serving fresh food to you at your location with a mobile steam table.

Drop-Off Catering

Pick what you and your team want to eat and we'll drop it off. Always fast and fresh!

Special Events

From birthday parties to religious events and everything in between, you deserve a great food experience. Call and talk to us so we can get your specific needs and details in order to serve you.

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Hours of Operation

Schedule Catering Events 72 Hours or More Before Your Event

Call and schedule now!
Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm EST
Sat: 8am - 6pm EST
Sun: 12pm - 5pm EST

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7097 30th Ave N. St. Petersburg, FL 33710


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